A brand new website!

Welcome to our new website!

We set up this new website to better serve you. This site is designed to provide you with company details (postal address, telephone number and email address) in addition to give you access to relevant information on our buildings.

The most important section of the site is undoubtedly “buildings”. In fact, you will see all our properties sorted by the city in which they are located. You will be able to view each building and their services as well as nearby amenities.

The “Availability” tab indicates if there are units available “immediately” or “coming soon” In the case where a building has units available immediately, you will need to contact our office at 514-453-1111 to know the release date of get more details.

The last section called “Forms” is also interesting. The main purpose of this section is to allow you to download forms in order to quicken the application process as a tenant in one of our accommodations.